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About us

R Subramanya CFPCM
Abundance in Life is a pioneer in the field of Financial Education, Practical Money Skills, Risk Management, Insurance, Investment Products & Services provider in Bangalore founded by Mr. R Subramanya, a Mechanical Engineer and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM from FPSB India. He is also AMFI & IRDA certified and has worked for Robert Bosch group for 10 years. He has over 3 decades of experience in Business & personal finance, and has successfully transformed many individuals and families across India & overseas.

He frequently travels to south East Asian countries to support his clients. He has made extensive research in the field of life planning and Personal Finance. He has devised unique concepts and games to educate and empower people to GAIN financial freedom effortlessly. He strongly believes in providing financial literacy to women & children. He conducts regular training programs for children & women on practical money skills also in rural areas. He is an active member of Council of Financial Planners, Rotary club, and BNI . He established his business and has built Abundance in Life on strong principles, Ethics & Values, Mr. R Subramanya also has wide experience in various areas wiz, Engineering, Industrial Automation Aero-modeling and personal Finance.
Abundance in Life believes in the principles of Nature as Nature has created everything in Abundance with equal opportunities to every single human being to be happy and comfortable in life. But, in reality majority of people are suffering.

Why ?
Our proprietary 14 steps process to attain Financial Freedom has evolved as an outcome of our pioneering work and years of research. Financial Education is a life time process based on Trust and Confidence. Our vision is to create that Trust and Confidence through our Financial Literacy programs.
We have done extensive research following the principles of nature and have created a concept called Our Relationship with Money which addresses the core of our financial wellbeing.

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